Sometimes You Want To Create Nice Diagrams
Why Not Do That With R?
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The R Package Known As DiagrammeR

R + RStudio + htmlwidgets + JavaScript + d3.js + viz.js + mermaid.js

Generate graph diagrams using text in a Markdown-like syntax.

Simple (Yet Powerful) Syntax

It's easy to learn. Templating features for integration with R code.

Syntax Coloring and Previewing

Directly edit mermaid (.mmd) or Graphviz (.gv) files inside RStudio with syntax coloring. Preview easily.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Output looks great as SVG. Diagram elements such as nodes and edges won't lose visual clarity.


  • 0.1

    The First Release

    It's an htmlwidget for R. Create mermaid graphs. Use the shiny app to create graph specifications interactively.

  • 0.2

    Graphviz is added

    Graphviz has quite the legacy for creating quality graphs. Now it's in DiagrammeR. Create graph specifications in the DOT language and take advantage of mixing R into it.

  • 0.3

    More Graphviz Engines

    Change the way your diagram is rendered by taking advantage of all of these Graphviz engines: dot, neato, twopi, and circo.

  • 0.4

    Templating for Graphviz

    An easier way to inject some R into your Graphviz graph specification. The @@ marks the spot for an evaluated R expression residing in the footnotes section.

  • 0.3

    Gantt charts and Graphviz functions

    Using mermaid, make Gantt charts. Define chunks of Graphviz DOT code using R data frames and new convenience functions.

  • 0.3

    Functions to Build Graphs

    A large selection of new functions for creating graph diagrams is now available. No need to interact directly with DOT code, just build diagrams in an R-like way.

  • 0.3

    More Functions to Build Graphs

    Many more new functions were introduced to make it easier to inspect, analyze, and modify graphs.

  • 0.3

    New Rendering Engines and Graph Functions

    Includes support for visNetwork graph rendering. More graph functions added, and, all functions optimized for piping.

  • ...