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From a graph object of class dgr_graph or a node data frame, set node attribute properties for nodes present in a node selection.

This function makes use of an active selection of nodes (and the function ending with _ws hints at this).

Selections of nodes can be performed using the following node selection (select_*()) functions: select_nodes(), select_last_nodes_created(), select_nodes_by_degree(), select_nodes_by_id(), or select_nodes_in_neighborhood().

Selections of nodes can also be performed using the following traversal (trav_*()) functions: trav_out(), trav_in(), trav_both(), trav_out_node(), trav_in_node(), trav_out_until(), or trav_in_until().


set_node_attrs_ws(graph, node_attr, value)



A graph object of class dgr_graph.


The name of the attribute to set.


The value to be set for the chosen attribute for the nodes in the current selection.


A graph object of class dgr_graph.


# Create a simple graph
graph <-
  create_graph() %>%
  add_path(n = 6)

# Select specific nodes from the graph and
# apply the node attribute `color = blue` to
# those selected nodes
graph <-
  graph %>%
    nodes = 1:4) %>%
  trav_out() %>%
    node_attr = color,
    value = "blue")

# Show the internal node data frame to verify
# that the node attribute has been set for
# specific node
graph %>% get_node_df()
#>   id type label color
#> 1  1 <NA>     1  <NA>
#> 2  2 <NA>     2  blue
#> 3  3 <NA>     3  blue
#> 4  4 <NA>     4  blue
#> 5  5 <NA>     5  blue
#> 6  6 <NA>     6  <NA>