stationaRy 0.5.1

  • Update the internal history_tbl object

  • Eliminate testthat tests that get data from the NOAA server to consistently pass CRAN checks

stationaRy 0.5.0

  • Complete rewrite of package.

  • Package now has the main function get_met_data(), where get_station_metadata() and station_coverage() provide information on the station and which additional data fields they have reported on.

  • The get_met_data() function can bucketize observations so that even hourly observations are provided.

  • Instead of needing to provide a range of years, any vector of years can be provided to get_met_data().

  • The visibility parameter is now provided in the standard set of station observations.

  • A more reliable method of getting the local times for each station has been implemented.

  • Meteorological data files can be collected in a directory after download for later reuse.

  • Additional data fields, when requested, are processed much more quickly than in previous releases.

  • Tibbles are now returned instead of data frames.

  • A pkgdown site has been generated.

stationaRy 0.3

  • Removes the get_tz_offset() function, the large shapefile object, and the dependencies on the lubridate, sp, and proj4 packages.

  • Greater use of dplyr functions to greatly increase processing speed.

  • Functions are resilient to missing years of data within year ranges provided.

stationaRy 0.2

  • Added function get_ncdc_station_info() to obtain data frame of all known met stations, and, to filter list of stations by geographic bounding box and/or by years of available data.

  • Added function select_ncdc_station() to take the data frame produced by get_ncdc_station_info() and aid in obtaining a selection of a single station; the resulting identifier string can be passed to get_ncdc_station_data() to fetch data for the selected station.

stationaRy 0.1

  • Contains function get_ncdc_station_data() (to fetch data and create a data frame) and helper function get_tz_offset() (to determine time zone offset and correct times to local time).